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Month: January 2016

Product Review: Rent the Runway

RTR Product Review

This past weekend I attended my fiance’s (never gets old saying that) holiday work party. I thought it was a fabulous idea that they decided to push the party from December to January. They are well aware of how crazy schedules can get the month of December, so it gave everyone something to look forward […] Read more…

Top 10 Things to Do in San Francisco

san francisco

Greetings, Friends! After a much needed break this past weekend, I can’t wait to share my San Francisco vacation with you as well as the top 10 things I would recommend to any tourist visiting the area. I found quite a few of these ideas from other blog posts, but we also got a few […] Read more…

Bloggers need breaks too


¬†One of my Resolution Challenges this year is to take time to “unplug”, relax, and appreciate my surroundings each month! This weekend I am visiting my guy in San Francisco and taking a break from all things work, blog, and wedding planning. I vow to throw just as much energy into this time as I […] Read more…

7 Rad Resolutions for 2016

This is the Beginning

Happy 2016! With a new year upon us, there are resolutions eeeeeverywhere. Lots of diets, new cleaning and bed time habits, and way over capacity at the gym. It can be pretty easy for some of us to get irritated with all of the “New Years Resolutions” that we are hearing and seeing, or we […] Read more…