There are a number of issues with being a female: but I feel that one of the top ones is all of the STUFF that we have! Nail polish, make up, jewelry, belts, shoes, scarves… I swear I need a separate closet for my accessories alone. With that many items, it seems impossible to keep them organized. On that note, has anyone noticed that the organization options are just so bland? How ironic that the accessories we use to make us look “pretty” have such boring storage options. So, I like to make my own.

The following are a few Pinterest hacks to organize your make up brushes, nail polish, and trinket jewelry. I started with the ideas below before creating my own storage options.

Nail polish Organizer

Jewelry trinket holder


make up brush organizer


For the nail polish, I purchased 2 jars from JoAnn’s Craft store. I was going to do mason jars, but decided that I need jars with larger openings so I could fit my hand in the jar. A cookie jar would also work well.

diy nail polish holderTo jazz up the jars, I purchased metallic gold spray paint from Jo Ann’s and sprayed the jars on a sheet of paper in the backyard. I’ve made the mistake of doing this inside before. Takes days to get that spray paint smell out! Let the jars dry outside for a couple of hours, fill them up with your polish and you have yourself a glam nail polish holder!

diy nail polish holder

The jewelry tray was just as easy to make. There is a Parisian theme that I have started in my walk in closet, so I knew that I wanted an Eiffel Tower tray. I found the gold Eiffel Tower trinket at TJ Maxx for $1.99 and then picked up a small white saucer for .69 cents at Good Will. It was then as easy as hot gluing the base of the Eiffel Tower to the center of the saucer and the jewelry tray was done! I just love it. You can do this with any gold or silver object. I especially like the trays I see with animal objects such as elephants or giraffes. Get creative!

jewelry tray diydiy jewelry tray jewelry tray finished product

Lastly, the make up brush holder. I really liked the idea of coffee beans to hold the make up brushes, but while I was in Jo Ann’s picking out the glass vase I saw the CUTEST pearl and gem vase fillers! So I went with it and was really happy with the turn out. This hack was as easy as pouring the filler into the vase and then sticking the make up brushes in it.

diy make up brush holdermake up brush holder


vanity organizationvanity organization


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