The start of 2016 has been absolutely insane and most recently I have been pretty much MIA from all social media outlets. However, LOVE DAY is such a fun time of the year (a whole lot of pink and a whole lot of love: what’s not to like?) so I couldn’t bare to NOT get a themed post together for my readers this week.

Here are 10 Simple ways to Show the Love this Valentines Day:

1. treat yo self

Parks and Rec said it best- who said that Valentine’s Day was only about getting gifts for other people? Make yourself feel good too! Get your hair done, snag a quick mani, book a massage. Don’t they say you can’t love someone else until you love yourself? Or was that just Justin Bieber?

love yourself


2. Wear it

FullSizeRender (9)

This “Love Deep” tee from M.E. and You is one of my favorites, and a perfect reminder to wear for this Valentines Day. It’s also a perfect and easy tee to wear any other time of the year. 🙂

3. Decorate

FullSizeRender (33)

As always, I take so much enjoyment in decorating my home for each holiday! I snagged the floral heart wreath and “How sweet it is” sign from Shopko on 50% off clearance (they always have the best sales on holiday decor) and picked up the “I love us” sign from Jo Ann Fabrics for 50% off as well.

FullSizeRender (32)

The burlap banner was a dollar section steal from Target last year and the painting was done at a class for a friend’s birthday at the end of last month! The colors went perfectly with the Valentines Day theme, so I went rogue and added the carved initials in the tree trunk to really play up the holiday.

4. Words of Affirmation


Currently Mike and I are learning all about the “Love Languages” (engagement fun) and one of my favorites is Words of Affirmation. I am all about leaving little notes around the house to remind my guy how much he means to me! Whether it is a note on the mirror, or this adorable little book I found at Pier 1 last year, I believe that you can never tell the ones you love how much you care enough!

5. A Sweet Treat

Ah Valentines Day… the best excuse all year to eat a load of sweets and candy right behind Halloween. Chocolate truffles, wine, champagne, creme brulee, the list goes on. Take the time to make a nice dinner (or order take out) and treat yourself to some delightful dessert.

Oreo Heart Truffles from OMG chocolate desserts
red velvet cookie cake
Red Velvet Cookie Cake from Crazy for Crust

6. Find a fitting Card… or make one!

I could spend hours in the card aisle at any store. I take so much enjoyment out of picking out the perfect card for someone special in my life, and Valentines Day isn’t any different. I think it’s even cuter when someone puts the effort into creating a unique card of their own. Here are a few funny examples I found while searching the interwebs:

Get it HERE
Get it HERE.


7. Simplify it

Sure, it’s nice to get your man a nice card and some chocolate, but I guarantee you you’ll get some props for thinking outside of the box and getting him something more… “practical” as my guy would say. Men are simple and it really is the thought that counts. Think liquor… or beer… or socks and underwear!

Beer labels from


Lastly, if your man is the type that needs a little “reminder” that Valentines Day is this time of year, you can always send them this nonchalant e-card…



For all the single ladies and men out there, enjoy the wine and chocolate discounts and hang out with your girlfriends or your dudes. I personally am excited to go see “How to be Single” with a group of my friends and had just as much fun picking out a card for my girls as well as my mom and dad. Who says this time of year is only about your significant other? Spread that love around!




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  1. Catherine Holt
    February 22, 2016 at 11:34 pm (2 years ago)

    Some great ways to show the love, and thanks for including my beer labels in your roundup 🙂


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