Hello my little Fall fanatics! I hope you enjoyed my fall decorating ideas for the mantle and entryway. As promised, here are a few ideas for the outside of your house during our favorite season. Whether you have a large front porch or an apartment door, there are decorating ideas for everyone. You can easily use these decorations inside as well.


falldecor6I like a cute fall wreath as much as the next person, but I decided to do something a little different (and simpler) this year. I walked into Jo Ann fabrics store looking for card board letters spelling out the word “BOO” and lucked out! It just so happened that the sale section had chalk board cardboard letters that were already black! SCORE to one less thing I had to do.. no painting the letters!

From there it was as simple as picking out some cute orange burlap and candy corn ribbon. I then hot glued the letters and the ribbon to the the burlap and had myself a cute 5 minute door decoration.

Once the door decorating was done I proceeded to the stairs. So many different fall harvest decorations out there, I simply couldn’t decide! So I picked up a little more than I planned. I tried to talk the boyfriend into letting me get a real hay bale from Ace Hardware (only $5.99 if any of you have the room to get your own!), but he quickly reminded me that I would have nothing to do with the hay in a month, so I purchased a smaller fake hay bale from Jo Anns (that was also on sale for $5.99) and now I can re use it for years to come!

IMG_1727 (1)I then took the lantern that I have sitting on our fireplace and filled it with little pumpkins! Little pumpkins are the best fall decoration there is. You can use them to fill lanterns, vases, crates, or whatever else your little heart desires and your house is immediately festive!

What else could you possibly add to a lantern filled with baby pumpkins and a bale of hay?  Large pumpkins of course! (for future carving 🙂 ). At that point I was on a harvest role (role, obsession, whatever!), so I couldn’t help but throw a few mason jars and purple flowers into the mix. Nothing quite like some fall mums to tie it all together!

After an afternoon of fall inspired fun, here is the final product of the front steps!


Did I mention that I have a thing for Fall?


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