Let’s be honest.

We all know why you are here. Curiosity. My guess is you are thinking “what in the world does this tall chick have to teach me about fashion?” Full disclosure? No idea. I can simply tell you that I am a very detail oriented individual that goes to bed at night thinking about what she is going to wear in the morning, what to pack for upcoming trips, and the next adorable accessory or pair of shoes she is going to buy online. I know. It’s a major problem. Ah, well. Why not share that problem with the world?

Anyone that knows me well enough will tell you that I am not afraid to speak my mind when it comes to… (well anything). But right now we are talking fashion. My parents grew up with a daughter constantly telling them “do not wear black with navy!” and my poor boyfriend gets the look of judgement the moment he tries to wear a striped shirt with checkered cargo shorts. I can’t help it! I should have known there was a problem boiling up inside of me when I started looking forward to watching “What Not to Wear” on TLC at age 12. Anyone with me?!

I’ve had a number of people that have been bugging me to start a blog for a while now. It has taken this long for a number of reasons. Reason number 1: I could not even keep up with a diary when I was young. Seriously. I think I tried like 4 times and made it 3 entries. Reason number 2: there are currently 5789643593453 blogs going on in cyberspace right now. Woah. I guess part of me figured no one would be interested in reading mine? And Reason number 3: Keeping up with a blog takes a lot of work and time, and I tend to take on too many responsibilities. So let’s break it down to the reasons why I finally cracked and decided to jump into the blogosphere.

  1. Daydreams turned blog posts: I get the majority of my creativity in life from sitting and thinking. I will be in the middle of something and then think “you know what would be cool? A turquoise accent wall in our living room!” Then BOOM the Pinterest search is made. I don’t know how people ever lived without that site. I have always said I need to be better about writing down my thoughts and ideas. Well readers, you’re welcome.
  2. Inspiration: I adore hearing others ideas and suggestions. I have barely dipped into the instagram blogging world and am already seeing SUCH fashion, food and event inspiration.. I could be on there for hours! And I am. It is my hope that attract others who have the same passion and love for all things design that I do, and that we will learn from one another.
  3. My peeps told me to: not much to elaborate there…

SO, curiosity. If you made it this far you either feel sorry for me or are somewhat intrigued! I will take either, and leave you with this. Print

Thanks for reading!


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