Long time no talk Sugar and Sass fans! Wanted to share with you my most recent project for the home this week. I’ve been itching to build a gallery wall for months now, just wasn’t sure of the contents I wanted in it. After getting our engagement pictures taken in Paris earlier this month, inspiration finally hit me and I decided to go with a black and white theme.

In order to figure out how I wanted to build this gallery wall, I did quite a bit of research. So to save some of you the trouble of doing the same, I thought I would share what I learned from this project on the blog today so you can get to work on the gallery wall of your dreams now!

gallery wall i love you

First things first…

What are you thinking that the theme of your gallery should be? Think about where you want this gallery wall to go. If it’s in your home office, maybe you’re looking for some inspirational quotes and people you look up to. If it’s your entertainment room, how about some of your favorite movie posters or quotes? If it’s in your family room, you are probably looking at photos of your… well, FAMILY. 🙂 Maybe you aren’t a big photo taking person and you would rather go for magazine collages or record covers from that band you are consistently listening to. If you can’t come up with what you want, consult me. Seriously, I am obsessed with coming up with new and creative ideas for people’s home.

Now that you’ve got the theme down, decide on a focal point. 

The focal point for our gallery wall is a 12 x 12 canvas print of one of our Parisian engagement photos. I chose one that draws your attention to the Eiffel Tower, with Mike and I in the bottom of the photo. I didn’t want the canvas to be a close up of us or our faces, because I was going to be putting photos of us around the canvas so I wanted it to appear like more of a magazine cover or a snapshot of a special landmark. My advice is to decide on only ONE focal point. If you get too many large canvas prints or photos in your gallery it is going to appear too busy. Unless of course, you are going to be taking up an entire wall from top to bottom, then you will probably want a few larger pieces to help with the organization.

gallery wall paris canvas

Work around your theme and focal point. 

I strongly suggest getting a measuring tape and measuring the entire space that you have to work with so you can get a better idea of how many frames you are going to need or how much space you should be putting in between each photo or print. With the gallery wall being in our living room, I wanted the emphasis to be on our relationship and what we love to do. I started looking up quotes that had to do with adventure and traveling. I came upon the quote “YOU ARE MY BUCKET LIST” and knew that was the one I wanted. I then simply made the quote in Photoshop and had it printed at our local Walgreens! Super excited to be sharing this free printable with you today! Feel free to right click and download either of the images below.


whitebucketlist_sugarandsassI have always loved the idea of putting important dates on the wall in an artsy way. After I was done creating the Bucket List quote in Photoshop, I did the same for our “dates to remember.” Now Mike doesn’t have an excuse to forget our anniversary, right?! 😉 I especially love this idea because it’s really easy to swap out the dates and add other dates of importance in the future.

gallery wall dates


Once you decide on what quotes, prints, and photos you want on your wall… DRAW IT OUT AND LAY IT OUT.

gallery wall sketch

gallery wall lay out

Make sure you have some fun with it! I watched Netflix, ate cookie dough ice cream and drank wine. Wine and ice cream make any project fun.

Put it all together. 

When it comes to transferring the gallery wall from the floor to the actual wall, I suggest starting with your focal point and working around it again. If you are really OCD, you can even use a measuring tape and painter’s tape to mark it out on your wall before your start nailing away.

gallery wall_sugarandsassThe frames are a variety of black and white frames from all over. Most of the black frames are from a kit that Mike got me last year. The white frames I picked up from Shopko and Target. I found the & print and the “I ♥ you” print on Pinterest by searching for black and white printables.

What other gallery ideas have you seen that you love?! I’m so inspired, I may just have to put one up in my office!

Happy designing 🙂


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  1. Rachel
    April 24, 2016 at 9:02 pm (2 years ago)

    This looks so fantastic! You need to come to my house and help me! 🙂


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