LIFE the past couple of months has been moving so quickly that I don’t know how I’ve been keeping up with it. A lot of change, a lot of planning, a lot of stress, and most importantly, a lot of excitement has been going on in the Quick-Newman household. More details to come… but UNTIL THEN… I need to take a moment to revisit the beautiful day of The Corwin’s wedding. 


Kym and Ryan got married on August 6th at the Stone Tower Estate Wedding Venue in Stevensville, MT. Their wedding day was filled with sunshine, a little rain, a gorgeous ceremony and a whole lotta love.

Kym has gotten to be a good friend of mine, so it was truly rewarding going through this process with her. Above all, I cannot thank her enough for reminding me what matters most as I go into my own wedding day. So, rather than giving you a summary of the events that occurred on Kym and Ryan’s big day, I thought I’d give you my key takeaways that I see as most important for the Bride and Groom to remember as your day gets closer.


1. No matter what your personality, how much meditating you do, or how much you simplify the planning process… we all stress! 

One of my favorite sit downs with Kym and Ryan was the just days before the wedding. I remember sitting down with them for lunch, asking “How’s everything going?!” and looking at their wide-eyed faces. It was that afternoon that I said “Go home, get in your sweatpants, and literally Netflix and Chill.” It can be so easy to get caught up in all the little details that are left to do the week of your wedding. Don’t forget to take a moment to sit back and enjoy the moments leading up to the “I do.”



2. Fully immerse yourself with your friends and family.   

What other moment in your life are you going to have all the people you love in ONE PLACE? Kym and Ryan did such a great job of renting out their venue and space for a number of days. This made it so they were able to hang out with all their family and the bridal party for 2 full days leading up to the event. So many memories were made and as they said it, they “wouldn’t have had it any other way.”



3. Hire ones you trust for the day of, so that you have nothing to do with it. 

I was so happy to coordinate for Kym and Ryan, and even happier when I was able to witness how happy and carefree Kym was that day. Kym did a fabulous job bringing on a florist, Jackie Ranne that rocked her side of the planning, too! As the bride, the only thing you should be focusing on the day of your wedding is YOU. Kym was able to wake up, enjoy getting ready with her family and friends, and even make a trip into town with her mom to get her hair done. Was she aware of the giant rainstorm that was knocking over centerpieces and decorations? Nope. Did she know that we ran out of table space for the caterer and the cake table? Nope. Trust me when I say that you do NOT want to know what is going on with set up for your day. Focus on you and marrying the love of your life. I promise you won’t notice half the things at your reception anyway.




4. Bring personal touches into your wedding. We want to know who this day is about! 

My favorite part about wedding planning is watching personality come out in each day. So many brides get caught up in the traditions or what they think their decorations are supposed to look like. Remember the point behind this whole thing… to celebrate the love between you and your groom. So have fun with your decor and your reception details. Kym has a thing for year-round Christmas trees, so she and Ryan hand crafted Christmas ornaments to create a “Memory Tree” of loved ones that they wished could be with them on their wedding day. It was so sweet and personalized.


They also had the Celtic Dragon Pipe Band lead them and their bridal party into the reception. How many people can say they did that on their wedding day?


One of the other fun additions to the wedding reception was the Mother-Son dance. This is always one of my favorite traditions! Ryan and his mom, Vicki danced to the classic N’Sync song, “Bye, Bye, Bye!”



5. Lastly, and most importantly, it’s your wedding day. BE YOU. 

In their vows, Kym and Ryan talked about their relationship and how they embrace their weirdness and their awkwardness. To tie that all together, they even had their first dance to the song, “True Colors.” I think it’s safe to say, they truly embraced their love and their “awkwardness” on their wedding day. 🙂




Happy 3 month wedding anniversary, Kym and Ryan! Thank you for showing all of us what it’s truly like to be yourself and love unconditionally.




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  1. Kym Corwin
    November 5, 2016 at 9:08 pm (1 year ago)

    If I had the chance, I would do it all again – no changes. It was picture perfect all because of the amazing people 😊 I got to marry my best friend with all our family and friends. It was perfect. Thank you for everything, B – including the lunchtime (and wine-time) talks!


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