Raise your hand if you have a pair of high water pants or a maxi dress that drags too long on the floor, a shirt with arms too tight, bottoms with a waist too big, or any piece of clothing that you wish fit you a TAD better than it does. We all do. Especially those of us that enjoy shopping from the comfort of our own home in a baggy pair of sweatpants with a glass of wine and a credit card!

Our lives are getting busier by the minute, and if we don’t have the time to get out of the house to shop, when are we supposed to find it to make an appointment with the tailor? On top of that, who wants to spend the MONEY to go to the tailor? So we make do. We wear boots over our high water pants (thank goodness for the skinny jean trend!), we wear our belts extra tight to cover up the baggy waist, and we add an extra band at the waist of our skirts so it doesn’t drag behind us as we walk, only to get stepped on by those walking behind us (or at least that’s what my short friends tell me..).

I am about to become your new favorite person. What if I told you that you can still order your clothes from the comfort of your own home while wearing sweatpants and drinking that glass of wine, and customize your order with your measurements and choice of design?

I introduce you to: eShakti.com

This site has everything you can imagine from pants, skirts and blouses to the more difficult items to size such as maxi dresses and jumpsuits. I was stoked when a lace maxi dress showed up at my door, perfectly fitted to a 6’1″ small waist-ed, narrow shouldered female. I immediately put it on and started twirling around the living room. It’s the little things in life. My boyfriend is a lucky man.

The best part, the order was so EASY! I took all of my measurements including hips, waist, shoulders, bust, arms and length. I even had the option of shortening the dress to my knees, creating sleeves, and deepening the v-neck. How cool is that? You are basically picking out the fabric and altering the clothing to your choice in fit.











I cannot wait to wear this dress to my friend’s wedding celebration this December, and I am already shopping the website for a perfectly fitted pair of pants and a jumpsuit!

Be sure to check out eShakti on instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Better yet, go get a 10% off discount on the website by using the promotional code sugarandsass.

Happy shopping!! eShakti.com


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  1. Waleska
    December 3, 2015 at 10:54 am (2 years ago)

    Those are just awesome nice frolal designs. I wished I could find the time and take some classes but at this time it’s just impossible for me to bring it under one head together with business, household, garden and trying to spend time going fishing with hubby at least any now.The gals did great jobs and I can tell they had a good time.You asked what would be my favorite. I really couldn’t tell. I love them all.Paula Jo


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