Flannel Candle
Bath and Body Works “Flannel” Scented Candle

This past week I started storing my summer wardrobe and unpacking my fall and winter layers. It’s always like Christmas when a new season rolls around! I forget about a lot of the clothes that I wore last year, and get to come up with new outfit combos all over again. I also did some serious “scents of fall” shopping at Bath and Body Works. My mom’s birthday was last weekend so I picked out some sweet scents for her home AND for mine. So today, I give you some of my FALL FAVORITE THINGS!


Smell something delightful besides Pumpkin: The Flannel scent from Bath and Body Works is to die for. It smells like a really good smelling dude. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some toasted marshmallow and pumpkin apple, but sometime you want a scent not so sweet that still gives you an essence of autumn. And may I say there is nothing better than the smell of a smokin’ hot dude in a cozy flannel nestled up in front of the fire place? Major props, Bath and Body Works!

sam and libby purse
Target Sam and Libby Clutch and Cross body purse combo

Sam and Libby Purse










Show a little Edge: Every girl needs a clutch and cross body purse in their closet. So I was ecstatic when I came across this purse combo at Target. It was even in the Clearance section! I especially like the moto-trend in the fall. This is about the time that I start busting out the leather jackets, combat boots, and studded belts. Adds a little edge and pairs perfectly with the frilly and girly pieces that I own.

Apricot Lane Fleece Vest
Apricot Lane Fleece Vest

COZY UP: Cozy Vests are THEEE best! I had a hard time deciding which one to put up on the blog today because I love them ALL! This one is a favorite of mine because it is fleece and super cozy. It’s also a neutral piece so I am able to pair it with anything… dresses, flannels, henleys, etc.

target cardigan
Target Duster Cardigan

Lounge Around: Some of my favorite times of fall are spent snuggled up on my couch with a candle burning watching my favorite fall series or writing my next blog post. My go-tos around the house are fleece jogger pants from Gap and a baggy cardigan. This one in particular I scored at Target for less than $10 last winter, and it is my absolute favorite.




Julep Lipstick
Julep Lip Creme “Footloose” Shade





Spice up that Lip! Fall colors don’t only look good on your front porch, they’re fun to play with in your lipstick as well. I am particularly fond of this orange from Julep lately. It’s a nice happy medium between a bold red and a simple nude tone.



Blanket Scarf
Forever 21 Blanket Scarf


Have fun with Warm Accessories: Blanket scarves are all the rage right now and you can find them in an array of prints and patterns. I snagged this one from Forever 21 for $10 and wear it constantly since it goes with pretty much anything.


Frye Booties
Frye Booties

Swap out those flats for some snazzy kicks: Booties (or Shooties) are a great way to draw attention to those legs and switch up your usual riding boot style. They are what you would call a perfect “seasonal transition piece.”  It took me months of reading reviews and shopping around before I found the right pair and they are beyond comfortable. I love their versatility and that they add a little something to even the simplest outfits.



I could go on and on with my favorite fall items, but I would not make it to my next blog post. Looking for even MORE fall fashion inspiration? I would like to introduce you to a fellow fashion blogger who posted about her own fall favorites today!



Meet Megan Arndt, writer of “Altogether Beautiful.” You can visit her blog HERE.

Visit her Facebook page HERE, and find her on Instagram and Twitter @meganarndt7




One more “Fall Favorite” I have to throw in here (mostly because I am still in shock and over the moon with happiness) is my favorite fall moment to date which was getting ENGAGED this past Thursday! I know many of you probably noticed that I did not do my usual blog post on Friday, and that is because I was too busy celebrating and sharing the news with my family and Friends. Look for my next blog post THIS Friday which will be all about the PROPOSAL. While I know I will not be able to do it justice, I sure am going to try. 🙂



Wishing you all an amazing week…



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