Hooray for wedding season being in full swing– with photos and newlyweds everywhere, I will admit I have been newly “re-inspired” and have been all about the little details as of late. While I did most of the major lifting early on in the planning process, I will admit that with just over 6 months left until the big day, there is still so much to do!

I had a great time this weekend crafting our wedding countdown blocks — an idea I got from Something Turquoise which is a great website for any bride that is looking for some cute DIY ideas. If you aren’t following them on Pinterest or Instagram already, I highly recommend it. 🙂

Here is my final product:

wedding blocks

wedding blocks2


And here are a few other cute ideas to count down to your big day: 

Wedding Countdown DIY by "Carrie Elise"
Wedding Countdown DIY by “Carrie Elise”
wedding countdown3
Wedding Countdown Chalkboard from “CountdownChalkboards” on Etsy
Wedding Countdown Sign by "Something Turquoise"
Wedding Countdown Sign by “Something Turquoise”
wedding countdown2
Mason Jar Countdown by “Yesterday on Tuesday”   

Super easy and make great gifts!

Onto the next thing…


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