happily ever afterYou’ve got the ring, nailed down a venue and a date, and are feeling pretty dang good about all that you’ve accomplished so far. Little did you know, now is the time when all the miscellaneous details and questions start to bubble up.

What are your colors? Centerpieces? Do you have a dessert table? A candy bar? What’s your guest book? Do you have a photo booth? Open bar? What about the food?

If you aren’t a total detail freak like me and get giddy just hearing about these things, it’s probably all a little overwhelming for you! So let me give you a little tip that tends to help most people out…


Now I know what you are thinking… “this isn’t my high school prom, or a holiday party.” I’m not telling you to go all out with a costume party and a photo backdrop, people. I mean pick a theme that will help you when it comes to making decisions! How do you come up with this “theme” you ask? Think back to your venue and date. That is already a huge step in the right direction. Here are a few ideas that come to mind for me, depending on the season:

SPRING: Think light, cheery, and the start to summer. Pastels and neutrals are a great choice for this time of year… you want to stick with light fabrics as well. Chiffon, lace, tulle. With spring flowers you are looking at tulips, daisies, lilac, baby’s breath… think about all the plants that are coming to LIFE! This is an especially great time to bring a plant theme into the wedding. I just love the look of succulents on all the tables or even as guest favors.

Spring Wedding Decor ideas that won’t break the bank:

spring decor

spring decor 2

spring decor 3

spring decor 4

spring decor 5

SUMMER: Take all themes “spring” and add vibrant colors and as many twinkling lights as you can find! Summer is the most popular wedding season of all… and for good reason! You can take a summer wedding and theme it as formal or as casual as you would like. Go rustic in a barn or on a mountain top, black tie on a plantation or at a winery, make it your own. Nearly every color combo can work for a summer wedding as well, as long as there is a light or bright color in the mix.

Summer wedding decor ideas for the thrifty bride:

summer decor

summer decor 2

summer decor 3

summer decor 4

FALL: Ahhhh fall!!! Harvest, pumpkins, lattes, sweaters, cozy fireplaces, and the beginning to the best holiday season of the year. What a better time to get married?! Use all that cheer and holiday love and bring it into your wedding. I especially love the fall and winter seasons because there is no better color scheme than a bold emerald, navy or magenta. This also starts the season of some majorly fashionable accessories. Have fun with the decor by bringing in blankets for the guests, fire pits and s’mores, or even a fun hot toddy specialty drink.

Inexpensive Fall wedding decor ideas:

fall decor

fall decor 2

fall decor 3

fall decor 4

WINTER: Somewhat biased as I have been indulging in winter wedding themes and decor, I am obsessed with the romance of a winter wedding. Use the winter wonderland feel to your advantage, and make sure your guests get nice and cozy with heated lamps, fire places, and hot cocoa bars. Add some holiday flair with evergreens, candles and snowy sparkle. Winter color schemes are very similar to fall, but the added touch of metallic gold, copper or silver are truly what top these weddings off.

Budget friendly Winter wedding decor ideas:

winter decor

winter decor 2

winter decor 3

winter decor 4

I hope that these season ideas get some inspiration started for those of you that don’t know where to begin! The best piece of advice I can give you is: Once you decide on a theme, don’t stray from it! Use every single decision from here on out based on that theme. It makes life SO much easier when you have a vision and a color scheme. For me, it all started with one little sign…

While my Pinterest board is private until after our wedding day (I really love the element of surprise 🙂 ), I can’t help but give a glimpse into where my vision started… and it was that easy! I have made nearly every decision based off of this sign and the vision that came from it… down to the dress, bridal style, favors, even the dessert table. Pinterest and Google searches can be intimidating when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Pick a “dream theme” and start chipping away at that vision for your best day ever.

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Remember, this is supposed to be the FUN part!



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