My life lately:

New position at work. In the process of trying to fill the old. Wedding planning. Car shopping. Oh and P.S. I leave for Europe on Tuesday.

I know, such awful things happening all at once. My point is the thought of me writing a blog post right now has me like…



I had a very special part of the wedding process checked off the list this past weekend. I ordered my wedding dress!!!! Saying “yes to the dress” has by far been the most difficult part for me thus far. It took me 4 different dress shops and 6 different visits to final commit to “the one,” and I felt more pressure than any other decision I have made at this point in the wedding planning process.

I promised Mike and myself that I would keep a journal of our wedding planning process, and so this week I am committing to doing just that! For all you brides to be out there, or even those of you that will be going through this process in the near future, here is my best advice for you on your adventure to finding that perfect wedding dress.

How do you want to feel on your wedding day?

This is the first question I would ask yourself when you start visualizing your perfect wedding dress. You are going to try on A LOT of the most STUNNING dresses you have ever laid eyes on, and you are going to feel more beautiful than you have ever felt in your entire life. Hands down. That is what makes this process so hard. So, how do you want to feel? Like a princess? A bohemian goddess? A vintage beauty? A carefree spirit? It took me a few dozen dresses of all shapes and styles to final decide how I wanted to feel: like a BRIDE. No matter what the color, fabric, or shape to the dress, I wanted to look in that mirror and feel like the most perfect bride I could possibly imagine myself to be. So when the bridal shop owner walked out with “the dress” after a number of others I was unimpressed with, my jaw dropped before I even tried it on. It was in that moment that I finally knew I had found the look and feel I was going for.

What season are you getting married in? 

The time of year will help you build the ideal vision that you are looking for. If it is the summer time, you do not want to look for heavy fabrics or long sleeves. If you are looking at a winter wedding, you probably do not want to be looking at light slinky dresses or crop tops. When I think fall, I think classy and romantic. When I think spring and summer, I think fun and care free. At the end of the day, it is your wedding and you can wear whatever the heck you want! But for those brides out there that have no idea where to start, try looking at the time of year that you envision and go from there. When Mike and I decided on a winter wedding I had a vision in mind of how I would look and feel from the very beginning, and I didn’t stop searching for that vision until I found it. 🙂

Know what will be most flattering for your shape 

Do your research! The last thing you want to do is go into a dress appointment with an ideal wedding dress vision and then come to find out it does not flatter you at all. It helps to keep an open mind and trust your bridal consultant. If they are experienced in that area, they should be able to help direct you to what will make you feel your best. Here is a helpful guide to get you started on finding the best dress silhouette for you:

Wedding Dress Silhouette

Don’t be afraid to be a little different

Who says that your wedding dress has to be white? strapless? simple? I was amazed at the variation in design, color and fabric. As I get more into wedding industry research I am so intrigued by the women that chose to be a little different, wear blush or baby blue wedding dresses, wear multiple dresses, heck choose not to wear a wedding dress at all! Weddings are becoming less and less traditional. There are still traditional pieces that I love and we will be incorporating in our special day, but there will definitely be prevalent differences from your typical wedding as well.

Have fun with accessories

You can take the most simple wedding dress there is, and turn the look into something completely different simply by picking out a gorgeous headpiece or belt! I have always been a big accessories person, so looking at all the little details I will be adding to my ensemble is what I am most looking forward to now that the dress has been selected. Maybe you want to go the traditional route and wear all white, but still like a little bit of color. Play it up with your accessories! Snag some bold colored or sparkly shoes, some stand out earrings and a show stopping veil. Want to go the more casual route? One of my favorite looks are when brides wear cute sneakers or converse under their gowns. Plus they make for really cute pictures!

As always, enjoy the process 

Instead of stressing about finding the perfect dress, soak it all in! Stare at yourself in the mirror, take TONS of pictures and take your time. At one point I started panicking because I thought I was never going to have that feeling that I found the one. It doesn’t always happen at your first appointment, and you are not a Bridezilla if you don’t find it right away. You also don’t need to stress yourself out if wedding dress shopping is not “your thing.” I had a friend tell me that she was impressed I was taking my time finding the right dress because she would buy the first one she tried on that fit. That’s okay too! I for one love the process of shopping so it did not surprise me that it took me some time to decide. For others, maybe it’s the first dress you try on!

Now the hard part, waiting patiently for the day my perfect dress arrives and THEN for the day I finally get to wear it! I can’t wait to show you all!!!



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